Family Budget: How to Save Money When You Have Child

Motherhood and kids’ presence, in general, is not only happiness, but also a complex test for your pocket. Of course, in 90% of the cases you are planning your life after pregnancy; count how much you will need for yourself, baby, your family, starting preparing for everything, but after a child has born your plan will fly away like autumn leaves. Today we will tell you some tricks, how to save money from your family budget without limitation of baby needs.

You know that to spend money reasonably the same thing as to earn them – it is a complex task. And when you have a baby it becomes even more complicated to control your spending.

Planning Your Budget

Before planning your family budget, you need to define what purchases are mandatory, and what things you don’t need. Of course, for pointing out such things you will need more than a day or even a month. The first thing you should do is to start to register why, when and what for you are spending money.

This will help you in the future to prevent unneeded buying and plan your spending accordingly. Incomes and outcomes can be registered in different ways. You can use a notebook and pen, or download special software – mobile or desktop applications. There are a lot of applications available for family budgeting.

Dividing Your Budget

Then you need to divide your monthly budget into several piles (if you prefer cash) or parts, you can have different bank accounts or cards for that. The first part of your budget is for regular payment – each month you will need to have the definite sum for municipal services, apartment rent, phone bills, kinder-garden, day nursery, nanny, insurance or any other service you may need. This sum you keep separately and spend it only when it is needed.

The second sum is for your day-to-day spending like buying food, Pampers, toys and clothes, for transport (gas or tickets). This sum should be divided into 4 parts (the number of weeks in a month). Each week you shouldn’t spend more then you have identified in one part. If you have spent more, return to your list where you have registered everything and find out why the sum become bigger, maybe you have bought something, that you don’t really need.

The money left from the first and second parts of your budget, you can put into the third part. This is the most important part, since you need to save money for buying costly things, like domestic appliances, cars, furniture, and most important – future education of your child. Money for the last one we highly recommend you to store at separate bank account with very limited access, so no one will be able to withdraw this sum from it until a definite moment in the future.

So, once we have defined the groups of expenses in your budget, we need to check what kind of spending we can expect in future. You know, that some things should be bought or fixed after a definite period of time. That is why we do recommend you check what should be repaired and bought in future and create a small list of such things. Having such list, you will be ready for these purchases when they needed and it won’t be a surprise for you.

Spend Less – Save More

So we have divided our money into groups, but still interested how to save. The most important thing about money-saving is to buy things only when you need them. The next thing is to buy the same thing with the best price.

Before going shopping to the market or shopping mall, create a list of things you need to buy. Follow this list, and never buy things which are not there. All the advertisements, discounts and fast-access desks in front of the pay desk are created to make us buy more, and even if the offer is so good and can save you a lot of money in future, think twice before purchasing.

Coupons and Discounts

Pampers aanbiedingen op The next tip to save some money is coupons. There are different types of coupons right now available – it can be paper coupons, printable coupons and digital coupons, which you can download onto your device. There are a lot of mobile apps for local shoppers which allow getting in-store coupons and using them right away.

When you have a baby the majority of your expenses will be on Pampers and baby food. Try to find Pampers aanbieding Coupons and baby food coupons on the internet or at mobile app you have, sometimes popular brands do have extra discounts or money coupon which can be used in almost any store. Of course before buying product with such a discount you need to ask a salesman or cashier if the shop participates in the company promo.

Pampers Aanbieding


The next thing you need to know about is toys. The first few years you will be buying toys your child needs or may use, choosing from the offers which are affordable for you. Probably, you will be choosing development games and toys to give your baby an ability to grow in a healthy environment.

Then, after some time a child will start choosing on his/her own. In this case you need to learn how to say “no”. It is quite complicated to say “no” to the child who saw a new toy in shop you are passing by, but you need to start doing so, since you need to cultivate the understanding that he cannot get everything in the world (even if you can afford it).

Of course, you can make presents for holidays like Christmas or Easter, or any other you celebrate with your family, you must make birthday presents, and it is good to give what the child really want, so after saying “no” try to memorize what your child wanted.


Also, you shouldn’t refuse to go to the cinema, circus or funfair with your child, you can go there on weekdays since the prices these days are lower and this will help you to save more.

Ways to Earn

The child is growing fast, and you will need to buy clothes almost every month. Don’t keep all your child clothes, it only borrows place and if you are planning several kids, I can definitely tell you that your next child won’t like wearing clothes of his/her sister or brother. Try to sell clothes through the internet or start garage selling. You will earn money which you will be able to put to the “for college” bank account. In future your kid will say “thank you” for this.

Hope this will help you to plan your budget better and to save extra for future.