We are happy to announce that Saurav Chopra from Huddlebuy will be one of our Guest Spaeker at the DD Summmit Europe 2012. Saurav  has 10 years of global B2B business development experience with bluechips such as Deloitte, Yahoo and VC- backed startups.

 is revolutionising the way small businesses purchase goods and services by providing a way for business owners to group together for better deals.

Huddlebuy offers discounts as high as 40-50% or even 100% on purchases from laptops to legal advice.


About Saurav Chopra

Co-Founder and CEO ( Linkedin )
10 years of global B2B business development experience with bluechips such as Deloitte Consulting, Yahoo! and VC-backed startups.
Saurav holds an MBA from London Business School and a B.Tech in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).


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One Response to Saurav Chopra from Huddlebuy will attend as Guest Speaker

  1. Darrell Ellens says:

    I look forward to hearing more about this summit. 2012 will be a lot different than 2011.

    I expect to see more of the larger companies entering the Daily Deal Industry.

    Darrell Ellens in Vancouver

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