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The following is the DD Summit Europe 2012 post event material section!


“This initiative was considered a success for the whole industry and proved to be very insightful on different matters.”
Jonathan Besnainou, Business Insider

“This Event is definitely something that people have been waiting for a long time”
Christer Holloman, The Times & The Sunday Times


The DD Summit Europe 2012!
8 h of video material of 10 panels, 6 presentations, 37 interviews of the moderators and panelists and 70+ pages of transcripts.
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Watch a selection of Interviews below.

Brian Harrison, Global CEO, KGB Deals

Jonathan Besnainou, Co Founder & CEO, Ohmydeal

Genko Penev,

Gerard Doyle, CEO Discountvoucher

Ray Weaver, Harvard Business School

Lauren Indvik, Mashable

DD Summit Europe 2012 Trailer

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Our Panels

Panel 1: Mastering the Daily Deal
Moderator: Parmy Olson, Forbes
Panelist: Tobias Tschoetsch, MD Groupon UK
Brian Harrison, CEO Kgbdeals
Peter Briffet, MD Living Social

Panel 2: Successful Fundings and Acquisitions
Moderator: Mikal Belicove, Forex® VPS® UK
Panelist: Saurav Chopra, Huddlebuy
Fabian Heilemann, Dailydeal DE
Juaquin Engel, Groupalia
Panel 3: Emerging Markets, European Panel 1Moderator: Jonathan Besnainou, Ohmydeal FR:
“One of the biggest challenges and opportunities are the different languages and legal setups”; 
Michael Brehm, RebateNetworks:
“The first mover advantage in the daily deal market was very powerful”;
 Lopo Champalimaud, Wahanda:
“Get the right tech people in place and you will get the right delivery”; 
Mark Bower, Timeout

Panel 4: Hyperlocal Deal Targeting & Customer LoyaltyModerator: David Hirschman, Streetfightmag:
“You have to be sensible of how to push information to users”; 
Omid Ashtari, Foursquare:
“Targeting has to be much better at daily deal platforms. The industry has so much data that has to be taken much better advantage of”;
Nihal Mehta, Localresponse:
“Our push notifications already double the response od use.”; 
Dougal Templeton, Vouchercloud
Panel 5: Customer Engagement and Interaction StrategiesModerator: Aliya Zaidi, Econsultancy 
Panelist:  Gerard Doyle, Discountvouchers
Kate Garraway, Goodypass
Richard Dennys, Qype
Panel 6: Mobile, Real Time & RetailModerator: Lauren Indvik, Mashable:
“It is a way of being able to convert the physical world around us into a spontaneous purchase decision”;
Panelist:  Jess Butcher, Blipper:
“Companies can do a better job in encouraging people by sending more push notifications”; 
Cheryl Yeoh, Citypocket:
“Mobile web is a great way to get traffic. You need to be present everywhere”; 
Olivier Ropars, Ebay

Panel 7: VC PanelModerator: David Hirschman, Streetfightmag:
“You need to able to be in a dominant market position, otherwise you won´t be able to satisfy the basic needs of the user”; 
Stefan Glaenzer, RebateNetworks:
“It is absolute scale that you need within the market”; 
Sean Seton-Rogers, Profounders:
“What is really important is the quality of the offer, the quality of the team and the ability to execute”;
Giuseppe Zocco, Indexventures

Panel 8: Daily Deals goes East Side – European Panel 2Moderator: Natasha Starkell, Goaleurope:
“From day one our focus was in quality; quality of merchants, quality of campaigns and quality of consumers”; 
Esra Sertoglu, Grupanya:
“We are not selling coupons, but experiences and emotions”;
Tomasz Dalach, Grupar:
“Eastern Europe is fantastic because it grows by itself. The Ecommerce market was last year €1.5B, now it is €4B”;
Tomas Cupr, Slevomat
Panel 9: Media Companies – beyond the Daily DealModerator: Christer Holloman, The Times & Sunday Times:
“Media companies are good in buying daily deal sites, not in making them”;
 Amir Suissa, Deindeal:
“Everybody in the publishing media is waking up now, it’s not an option anymore of doing it or not doing it”;
 Marc Leimann, Mecom:
“If you are a newspaper or media company you have lots of different marketing approaches, if you make daily deals apart of your DNA you will have a higher rate of success!”;   Kevin Wray, NimbleCommerce

Panel 10: Daily Deals Next MoveModerator: Ray Weaver, Harvard Business Review:
“There will be a big development, it will integrate with other channels, there will be a long way for this business model to develop”; 
Antonia Hammer, Dealgecco:
“This industry is not negative.There are real opportunities for merchants and real opportunities for customers to win in this industry”; 
Anton Bernstein, Lookingo:
“The daily deal business is not a sustainable business”; 
Marc Penkala, Kuponjo

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